What does The LOCAL do for you?

  1. Sick leave
  2. Job security provisions
  3. Vision, medication, and dental benefits
  4. Flexible hours of work
  5. Overtime pay
  6. Maternity / Parental leave
  7. Fair wages
  8. Vacation leave
  9. Family leave
  10. Grievance protections

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Did You Know?

  • Union dues are tax deductible
  • Your union has a bulletin board in the building you work in with all types of information

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    LocalĀ 70712 Corner

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    To assist employees through the transition to Phoenix, Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) has developed a series of communication products designed to answer all your questions about Phoenix.

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    PSAC Information:


    New process for reporting salary overpayments

    We have now been informed that the PSPC Call Centre is currently experiencing higher than normal call volumes. You may also submit a Phoenix Feedback Form to inform the PSPC Pay Centre of your situation, and no further action will be required.

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